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  • Talk tailored to allotted time
  • Book signing at end

Spokesperson for a product or brand.

Presentation can be tailored to the event or group presented to.  All or some of the following topics can be covered:

  • (POPULAR) Overcoming healthy eating obstacles in the workplace
  • Lori's story of struggle and success
  • Weight loss tips/tricks
  • Bullying
  • How to build up a low self esteem
  • Cooking healthy
  • Empowering Women-how to make ourselves a priority at least some of the time!

About Lori...

Motivational Speaking/Book Signing

My life was far from easy. I was taunted constantly because of my overweight state.  I was called terrible names, especially "fatness." Children did not give me a chance at friendship. I was chosen last for gym teams and was oftentimes excluded from activities. Certain relatives had no mercy. Dancing school was difficult when thinner students ridiculed my every move. Words were cruel and bullying was continuous.  This turned me into an introvert with a broken spirit and low self esteem. I turned to food for comfort.  I was very negative, which prevented me from truly reaching my goals. I would half-heartedly try diets and would succeed little and fail more! The weight crept up over the years and I became obese. This led to more hardships.  Not only were insults still heard, but the physical hardships increased. I could not keep up with my then three year old son, and had to sit out of activities.  Some theme park rides had weight restrictions and I could not join my family. My weight put me in humiliating situations. I had to special order my clothes because I could no longer find my size! 

After a car accident, two knee surgeries, and the collective hurt experienced, I mustered up enough strength and got to work!  I wrote down lists of external factors that make me overeat and paired them with solutions.  Thus, the creation of Goodbye Fatness, Hello Gorgeous!  It is now available and can be ordered on the Archway publishing website or Amazon or Barnes and Noble websites. One can be on the best eating plan in the world, but if one cannot handle the external factors, we are sunk!  This book gives tips and tricks on how to handle healthy eating obstacles that we face on a daily basis. 

​Right now I am sharing messages of motivation. I am in several articles, most of them you can see on this website (Appearances/Articles tab). I am doing motivational speeches which I absolutely love! I have given a variety of talks at several workplaces already and at libraries.  I also gave a TEDX talk, now on YouTube.  I love speaking in public and enjoy meeting people who believe in me and in my mission.  Most are positive souls who want to learn and I am more than happy to teach!

​I want to empower you! I want to show you that an average person can do this without gimmicks, pills, surgeries, and expensive meal plans.

Motivational Speaker, Author, Scientist, Teacher, Professor, Tutor