Lori Sweeney - Your Obstacle Obliteration Expert!.


​I lost 125 pounds my way, obliterating obstacles that are faced on a daily basis!

​We can be on the best eating plan; we can be on the right track...then come the everyday obstacles that knock us off the right path. These involve...

​-work                      -restaurants          -vacations     

​-excuses                 -stress                     

​-theater trips       -holidays/parties

-all day travel       -people's negativity

​-food pushing friends/relatives           ...and more!

​A situation or two, or three, can make us fail and back we return to old habits.

My book, ​Goodbye Fatness, Hello Gorgeous!​ helps your stay on track and shows you how to handle everyday obstacles. It also shows you how to get into the right mindset in order to tackle a healthy lifestyle and other goals. It works with any food plan or diet. Also available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites, but you can also click on this link to order:


​​​Another piece to my work is motivational speaking! Topics can be tailored to the kind of talk a venue/organization wants. Inquire via my Contact Lori Page on this site. I love to meet and motivate!

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How did I get the title for my book?

​"Fatness" was the name I was called as a child. I was bullied, ridiculed for being overweight. The title means that I am saying "goodbye" to the old me and "hello" to the new me who has changed both inside and out.

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"I didn't have plastic surgery. I didn't have a personal trainer. It just shows an average person can do this too, without a celebrity's wallet." -Lori Sweeney, ​Costco Magazine


Would you like me to speak in your area? Contact libraries, groups, and hospitals. Put in a good word for me and use the Contact Lori  page to provide contact information. I will do the rest!

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