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New speaking Date! January 11th 2017

​South Brunswick Library (110 Kingston Lane, Monmouth Junction, NJ) 7 pm

​Your New Year's Resolution Solution!

​Lori Sweeney - Author, Motivational Speaker - Be strong and persevere!

A book to help overcome obstacles inside and out!  Order it here!


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"I didn't have plastic surgery. I didn't have a personal trainer. It just shows an average person can do this too, without a celebrity's wallet." -Lori Sweeney, ​Costco Magazine

Lori's Weight Loss and Diet...and why that book title?

The title means that I am saying goodbye to that old person I used to be and  am saying hello to a new person who is healthier and more confident!  I used the name "Fatness" in the title because that was the name bullies called me the most. I was always overweight and as a result, was bullied and taunted by "friends," classmates, neighbors, and even certain family members. My self esteem was low and I was shy.  I turned to my then only friend - food.  Weight piled on throughout the years, and so did the taunts and snide remarks that followed me into adulthood.  I later became obese and could not longer find my size in a store.  Keeping up with my then three year old son was a chore and I had to sit out of activities.  A car accident led to two knee surgeries and even more weight gain.  It was time to take control of my life and I lost 125 pounds in three and a half years, my way. I have successfully kept it off for over five years and want to help others.  I find success is more than simply eating right and exercising. It also includes building a positive spirit, working in a healthy lifestyle into the busiest of schedules, and overcoming healthy eating obstacles. My book ​Goodbye Fatness, Hello Gorgeous! ​ shows how to work on the mind and the obstacles!

I lost 125 pounds and did it my way!.

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​​​"The biggest winner."-titled by Oxygen magazine

(Photo by Steve Gingo)

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